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Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World

Countdown to Spring 2024 Class Graduation!

If you could write the story of your future, how would it begin and end? If you’ve spent part of your life – or most of your life – struggling to get by in the world, the idea of actually getting ahead might seem out of reach. But even if your story has been filled with barriers, vanishing opportunities and setbacks, the next chapter can change all that. Getting Ahead is an incredible learning experience for individuals willing to participate and ready to create their own future story focused on getting out of poverty!

Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting’-By World is a 14-16 session workshop series providing people motivated to getting out of poverty the tools and support necessary to ‘Get Ahead’ in today’s world. Working in a group learning environment, you will investigate your experience of poverty, as well as the impact within our community, providing critical information to take action to end poverty.

Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting’-By World  takes you step-by-step through a discovery of yourself like no other. It’s not just about how you got where you are now; it’s also about what comes next to build the life you want. Plus, the group helps you develop relationships with people in your community who will support you along the way.

Now is your time!

  • Be part of a small group “kitchen table” workshop that meets for 16 weekly sessions. 
  • Learn that money is only 1 of 11 resources used to define poverty. Learn how these resources affect your life and the lives of your family. By examining the resources you have versus the resources you need, you will be able to formulate a personal plan, based on goals, to get out of poverty.
  • Move beyond thinking about making a change to actually doing it!
  • This next chapter of your life is about what YOU want and taking charge of your life to build your future story.


As a Getting Ahead investigator, you will do your own research to discover:

  • The realities of conditions in your community and how they impact you and your family
  • Some of the “hidden rules” for getting ahead
  • Skills that give you confidence to do what it takes to get ahead
  • How to build resources and make connections at home and at work
  • Ways to deal with change and create stability in your life


And as a Getting Ahead investigator, at each session you will receive:

  • Free meals
  • Childcare
  • A gift card for each session attended 

We believe by providing these items, we can help break down some of the barriers that prevent you from making that change!

If you are interested in learning more about this program or getting an application to sign up for our next Cohort please email Miriam Matias at [email protected]

Hello Everyone!!!!! Please join us as we celebrate our Getting Ahead graduates! These hard-working neighbors are starting their journeys out of poverty and into stability and we’re so proud of all the accomplishments they’ve made so far! You’ll hear stories about their experiences and “ah ha” moments they had in the group as well as future goals they’ve set! 

The purpose of Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World is to provide people experiencing poverty and a chronic lack of resources with new strategies and thinking to build resources for greater stability, choices, and community participation.

  • Stabilize and take charge of their lives
  • Complete a self-assessment of their own resources and make plans to build them
  • Develop a series of mental models to examine their own lives and create new future stories
  • Investigate the impact that poverty has had on themselves and their community
  • Use this information to build resources for a better life and community


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If you have any questions please contact Miriam Matias at [email protected] or at (336)243-3222.

Our Fall 2024 Getting Ahead class will be in SPANISH. We are currently looking for Spanish-speaking individuals who are interested in becoming mentors. Application to be a participant is coming soon!

Nuestra clase de otoño 2024 Getting Ahead será en ESPAÑOL. En este momento estamos buscando personas de habla hispana que estén interesadas en ser mentores. ¡La solicitud para ser un participante vendrá pronto!

Si usted está interesado en aprender más sobre este programa o conseguir una aplicación para inscribirse en nuestra próxima clase por favor envie  un correo electrónico Miriam Matías en [email protected] o llame al (336) 422-0764.

Congratulation to our Fall 2023 Cohort!

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